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London Photo Diary

London is such a magical city. Medieval castles and Tudor buildings exist alongside modern structures, creating an ambience that has always enchanted me. With its lush gardens, vast architectural works, and charming restaurants and boutiques, there is so much beauty to appreciate around the city.

I stayed at the Goring in Belgravia, one of my favorite parts of London. The hotel is exquisitely decorated; each floor has it's own color scheme and each suite is slightly different from the next. One of their most beautiful rooms is the Lobby Bar with it's crimson lacquered walls and gold ceiling. Other rooms including my suite have walls lined in hand-woven Gainsborough silks and feature bespoke furniture, creating a palatial atmosphere. I was lucky enough to stay in one of only three rooms on the property that have a private terrace overlooking The Goring gardens, a peaceful spot I was especially fond of.

Claridge's, in all it's art deco glory and extravagance . It was the preferred London retreat of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Walking into Claridge's dining room with it's mirror-paneled walls, Lalique Art Nouveau doors and lavish florals, feels like stepping into a bygone era!

Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason is a celebrated London tradition and one can easily spend an entire afternoon in the store, browsing their range of fine food, drink and giftware. Their grand Piccadilly store has 4 floors of delicious treats, as well as luxury fashion, bespoke fragrance, and home goods.

The millinery department was a particular highlight for me; they have the most beautifully crafted fascinators in a range of shapes and colors.

Scott's in Mayfair. Their seafood is incredible and they have an extensive champagne selection.

Views of London

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