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The Thomas Crowne Affair's Catherine Banning

I must have been around 12 years old when I first saw The Thomas Crowne Affair and was instantly drawn to the effortless elegance of Rene Russo's character, Catherine Banning. Russo, a former model, looked exquisite in every scene she was featured in, as styled by costume designer Kate Harrington. To give Catherine Banning her polished look, Harrington selected clothing from Celine by Michael Kors and Halston (to name just a couple), highlighting the timeless appeal of wardrobe staples like the classic fitted white shirt, the cashmere sweater and the little black dress. Harrington, who previously worked with the likes of Truman Captoe and Herb Ritts, accessorized with luxurious fox furs, pearls and kid leather gloves . To shop the look, click here.

To this day, Catherine Banning remains one of my style icons. Below are a few of my favorite looks.

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