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Collections from the Past

It is a magical feeling to hold a tangible part of history in your hands; a one-of-a-kind piece with a unique story behind it, a snapshot of a moment in time. Over the years I've become somewhat of a collector of vintage clothing and historical objects, pieces which bring me constant inspiration. Some of them have a fascinating provenance, while others are of no particular background but hold beauty to me nonetheless and bring the magic of the past to life.

I love to browse for inspiration. They offer a curated selection of incredible original works from antiques to vintage clothing to fine art and jewelry, all from the top auction houses and dealers around the world. I've come across intriguing pieces from modern times going all the way back to antiquity, and every now and then I'll discover a great find to add to my own little collection. I'm especially drawn to pieces from the early 20th century.

Right now, 1rstDibs has a pretty magnificent selection, and they get new additions every day. The below in particular are museum-worthy!

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