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Christian Dior at the ROM

Last week, the Royal Ontario Museum launched "Christian Dior", an exhibition honoring the House of Dior's 70th anniversary. Curated by Dr. Alexandra Palmer, "Christian Dior" celebrates the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Dior atelier and the vision of Mr. Dior, who single-handedly revived haute couture after the Second World War with his exquisite "New Look" designs.

This is truly a world-class exhibit; the pieces on display include some of the house's most iconic couture creations, such as the Palmyre gown (circa 1952-53), as once worn by the Duchess of Windsor, which was a thrill to see up close. The attention to detail, in particular the hand-sewn beadwork and embroidery are unlike anything we see today, to say nothing of Dior's use of luxurious fabrics and his extraordinary ability to sculpt them to perfection. Not a single feature was left to chance down to the selection of each individual bead.

Many dresses from the exhibit once belonged to Canadian clients of Dior and were donated to the ROM, such as Elaine Roebuck's Bat Mitzvah dress. Also on display are original fragrances, fine jewelry and sketches from the archives.

This must-see exhibit runs through March 18, 2018.

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