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Jovana Djuric Jewelry

Another highlight from my recent visit to New York was meeting jewelry designer Jovana Djuric and seeing her collection up close. I first discovered her work on instagram, where snaps of her metal slice rings immediately caught my eye, so when Jovana generously offered to come by my hotel to show me her best pieces, I was thrilled to accept, and the collection did not disappoint.

Jovana’s sense of style is elegant with an edge, a mood which can be sensed throughout her entire collection. She is a Serbian-born New York-based designer with a background in traditional sculpture and a degree in Fine Arts and Jewelry Design from FIT. Having worked with some of the world’s most renowned luxury jewelry brands including Givenchy, Philiip Crangi and Tiffany and Co, Jovana launched her own collection of sculptural statement pieces with a refined, polished look in 2014. I was really impressed with the quality of the metals, with many pieces, including her signature Horus ring, being hand-carved. The claw-like slice rings remain among my favorites - they come in different lengths which look fierce on their own, but really pop when mixed and stacked.

The collection is not available in Canada just yet, but Jovana’s pieces are available for purchase from her website - Take a peek!

The stunning designer wearing her hand-carved Horus ring and Horus earrings.

Some of Jovana's rings, which she brought to the Mercer hotel for me to preview.

The Horus Seeker pendant, which Jovana was wearing the day we met.

I'm wearing my new slice rings.

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